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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feral Dreams Teaser 3

A game by Kelarly. Just another video showing how far I am into the creation of this game. I think this game is turning out very well. Since my last vid, I changed all the battlers to animated ones. Some of the monsters may behave a bit strange, because I had to edit most of them so they could work with the script I'm using. Anyway, enjoy the vid.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FF-X Battle System for RPG Maker XP


LiRyukiAugust 06, 2008

Ein Battle system von Charglie lee und Cyberyam. Das ist beste version von Battle system die sie raus bringen konnten. ICH PRESENTIERE FFX BATTLE SYSTEM. htttp://

RPG Maker VX Tutorial - How to sprite Sora

Friday, February 13, 2009

rpg maker xp side view battle script tutorial

Submitted by:

the main problems that very few people are having is that they are getting a syntax error that pops up when they click test play, that they are using a custom battle sprite and can't get it to work, or can't get a pre-loaded sprite to work. scroll down to find the fix for you problem

1.) How To Fix The Syntax Error - that means tat you have messed up and loaded the script wrong. i don't care how many times you say that you did it right. if you get this that means you did it wrong -_- make sure that there is a space between the MAIN script and the SIDE VIEW BATTLE script.

2.) problems with sprites - watch the damn video response


*NOTE* if you want to use your custom sprites watch my video on the video response it is the fastest way to get your custom sprites to work instead of them just running in place*/NOTE*

here is a vid on how to use the the side view script and here is the link to download the code and yes it really works and there is no cookies or trojans i uploaded the code myself

Here Is The New Link For The Script. Also Has A Few Other Scripts.

*new link* it is a zip folder. it has the same scripts in it but now they are more organized. i will add more stuff to this folder and keep updating it from time to time. hope this helps.**

if you have any other problems and need some help. private message me with your problem

Here's the script (copy it all!)

RPG Maker VX YouTube Tutorials

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