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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Angry Birds stop motion movie]

Uploaded by liaymk on May 2, 2011

Stop motion photography project I did for class using play-doh
Yes.. It took a LONG time and effort to make but since it was a school project, I wasn't aiming for professional claymation for disney. Sorry for the bad quality!
Hope you enjoy!

INFO: the music & sound effects are from iMovie & edited in "frame by frame"

Film & Animation

Standard YouTube License

Angry Bat Birds (Angry Birds + Batman Parody)

For more videos, visit Bite at

It's Batman. It's Angry Birds! It's a match made in heaven. Will the Angry Bats be able to save the eggs from Joker Pig?

The Angry Team (Angry Birds & The A-Team)

Concept / Design / Animation by Jason Yang :
Music by Joshua Peterson :

"The Angry Team" is what you get when you mash up the greatest game ever made, Rovio's Angry Birds, with one of the best action adventure television series of the 80's, The A-Team! No swine stands a chance against this elite flock of fowl.

"If your eggs are missing, and no one else can help... maybe you can hire... THE ANGRY TEAM!"

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