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Monday, January 19, 2009

Legend of Dragoon - Cut Scenes - Part 1

November 08, 2007
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This is one of my favorite games and I thought ...
This is one of my favorite games and I thought it would be nice if i put all the scenes up for this game. I really didnt think about it but when I look at all the scenes; I realized that all of them are on the history starting from the Dragon Campaign. I better not say anymore as I'll let you watch it for yourselves.

Notice: This game is copyright Sony Entertainment America and i do not own any of these scense in this video. This is for entertainment purposes only.

scenes downloaded from:


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bedtime Stories

HD Trailer

BEDTIME STORIES is an adventure comedy starring ADAM SANDLER as Skeeter Bronson, a hotel handyman whose life is changed forever when the bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to mysteriously come true. When he tries to help his family by telling one outlandish tale after another, its the kids unexpected contributions that turn all of their lives upside down.

Genre:Family, Comedy
Director:Adam Shankman
Cast:Adam Sandler, Guy Pearce, Keri Russell, Courteney Cox, Russell Brand

Tropic Thunder-Trailer (HD)

Release date US: Friday, August 15, 2008

Director: Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller as Speedman
Jack Black as Jeff 'Fats' Portnoy
Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus
Brandon T. Jackson as Alpa Chino
Jay Baruchel as Kevin Sandusky
Danny R. McBride as Cody (as Danny McBride)
Steve Coogan as Damien
Bill Hader as Rob Slolom
Nick Nolte
Tom Cruise
Matthew McConaughey
Tobey Maguire
Justin Theroux
Valerie Azlynn as Damien's Assistant
Holly Weber as Acadamy Awards Starlet
Reggie Lee as Byong
Jasmine Dustin as Trophy Presenter
Trieu Tran as Tru
Nadine Ellis as Speedman's Assistant
Yvette Nicole Brown as Viveca


Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. lead an ensemble cast in "Tropic Thunder,' an action comedy about a group of self-absorbed actors who set out to make the most expensive war film. After ballooning costs force the studio to cancel the movie, the frustrated director refuses to stop shooting, leading his cast into the jungles of Southeast Asia, where they encounter real bad guys.
Category: Comedy

Private Benjamin Trailer

Private Benjamin (1980)
Starring Goldie Hawn

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